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Activities and Sightseeings in Stalida Area

The wider area of Stalida offers many beautiful sites and sightseeings to visit. Firstly, the Aquarium of Crete known as“CRETAquarium”, the first big aquarium in Greece. It will definitely impress you with the variety of species and ecosystems of the Mediterranean Sea it presents to the million of visitors it welcomes every year. Between Chersonissos and Heraklion there is Watercity, a very popular waterpark with many games and water slides for all ages.

Natural beauty sites near the area are the Bulgarian Trail which leads from Stalida to Mochos village and  the Maliotiko Trail which leads from Mochos to Malia. Moreover, 3km from Malia visitors will find the Archaeological site of Malia , which was a very important town and the third biggest palace of the Minoan Civilisation, after Knossos and Festos. At Malia archaeological site, the famous golden jewellery with the bees was discovered. It  is considered the most important discovery of Malia and it is on display at the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion.

Other historical sightseeings are also available in Heraklion city, such as the Knossos Palace, which was the most significant centre of the Minoan Civilisation and the basis of King Minoas. The palace is related to many exciting legends, such as “The Labyrinth”, “the Minotaurs” and “Dedalus and Icarus”.

The old centre of Heraklion city is surrounded by the big venetian walls, which visitors can walk ,while at the old port looms the Fortress Koules or Castello a Mare which constitutes a beautiful sea fortress built between 1523-1540 by the Venetians.

Located at the heart of Heraklion is the fountain “Krini Morosini”, built on 1628 by the Venetians which  is a very famous spot in Heraklion. In close distance visitors can find the Archaeological Museum, the Historical Museum and the Museum of Natural History of Heraklion, where they can watch and learn more about the rich Cretan history.

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