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The Mediterranean-Cretan diet and its health benefits

Mediterranean diet refers to the nutritional habits around the areas of the Mediterranean basin where the olive trees grow, specifically of the inhabitants of Greece and mainly of those living in Crete. Mediterranean diet put emphasis on the consumption of olive oil (as the main source of fat), on legumes, cereals and seeds, fruits and vegetables, mild consumption of fish and white meat while the consumption of red meat is rare. Also a slight consumption of red wine is recommended.

According to studies Mediterranean diet is very beneficial for our health as it intensifies our  immune system against many diseases. Researches report that those who follow this diet have higher life expectancy, lower rates of heart problems, owing that to olive oil that contains monounsaturated fat, anti-inflammatory and antihypertensive action. It also decreases the so called “bad cholesterol”, lowers the risk of strokes, Parkinson and Alzheimer. Furthermore, Mediterranean diet helps in weight loss and protects from diabetes.

The benefits of the Mediterranean diet are without a doubt many and very important for our health. For that reason, the restaurant of  Golden Bee Hotel is organised based on the Mediterranean diet. Our chefs have adjusted traditional Cretan dishes to the Mediterranean diet, always choosing fresh Cretan products. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the main component of all our dishes while extra virgin olive oil is considered the only choice. In that way we have succeed in offering our visitors, nutritious, healthy, flavourful dishes that will exhilarate them and that can be enjoyed without guilts.

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